Mr A Shakos, Operations Director

Thank you for your interest in Dean Trust Hulme, our proposed new Primary School in the heart of Manchester.

May I take this opportunity to introduce myself and to provide you with an update regarding our journey to serve the community of Manchester with a brand new outstanding Primary school.

I joined the Dean Trust, as Operations Director, in the summer term of 2017, making the transition from Headteacher of Parrs Wood High School, Manchester’s largest and most successful secondary school and sixth form.

As you may already know, the Dean Trust is a highly successful group of secondary and primary schools with a strong reputation for high standards, expectations and achievement.

It was always going to be difficult for me to leave my previous employment due to the community my colleagues and I built and the successes we shared, but I recognised the opportunity of being able to utilise my leadership experience to extend and further improve educational provision for Manchester children, with an organisation whose educational values and principles are so closely aligned with my own.

Following the opening of our Manchester flagship secondary school, Dean Trust Ardwick, we have been keen to work closely with Manchester City Council to open a school that meets the increasing demand for Primary School places, extends the number of excellent educational providers within the city, and provides parents and carers the security that their children will be guaranteed a 3 to 16 educational pathway in a Dean Trust school.

The process of opening a new school begins with a window of opportunity which is opened by the Department of Education, called a ‘Wave’, where organisations interested in opening a school forward an application which outlines their experience, leadership capacity and plan of how the new school will be organised and managed. Whilst we are in a position to submit our application, the opening of this application window was delayed due to the unforeseen General Election. We are therefore awaiting the Department of Education to inform us that they are accepting applications so that we can take the next step on our journey to open Dean Trust Hulme Primary School.

I would therefore encourage you to regularly visit our website for updates and ask you not to hesitate in contacting us should you wish to express your interest and support for the opening of Dean Trust Hulme Primary School.

Very best wishes,

Andy Shakos.

The Dean Trust Operations Director.